Reflection One

When I first thought about writing in coding, my mind always automatically went to equations and lots of numbers and just anything that seemed like it was the most difficult thing on earth. Now that I know what it is actually like to write and code a webpage, I understand it more now, despite it still being fairly difficult. I have always thought of writing as an easy task, just sitting there with a pencil and a piece of paper or your laptop and writing out what comes to mind> With traditional writing for, you are just able to write freely, but with writing for the web, especially when it involves coding, you have to put ten times more thought and effort into the work that you are doing. Writing for the web is so much more planning and organization. I noticed that i really had to pay attention to the smallest details because one litle mistake could throw everything off. In writing for print, mistakes can be made and go unoticed, but one mistake in writing for the web and nothing works or your whole page is suddenly all smooshed together with some funky background color that you do not even remember putting in.

Reflection 2

Over the past few month, i have definitely come very far with coding html and css. Coming into this class, I knew absolutely nothing about coding. Im not even sure that I knew that html and css existed. As of right now, I feel moderately comfortable with coding and design. A few weeks ago, my page was a complete mess and i did not even know what padding or margins were and how they were to be used, but now I have my resume looking somewhat how i want it to. I still cannot seem to get the hang of designing my pages to look normal on tablet or mobile phone screens, so that is something that I would like to learn better and fix about my page. I hae succeeded thought at making my resume look almost how I want to, with the layout and the colors and the fonts and almost everything else. There are definitely still parts of it that I am looking to improve though throughout my career. With the coding part of this class I feel i have had my fair share of successes and have progressed farther than I had expected myself to.