Tracy Marrow, better known as Ice-T, has a not so pleasant past. In a TED Talk, Marrow speaks out about his past and shows youth in similar situations how he grew from his experiences.

Tracy starts off talking about victim circumstances, which is the situation that he was in as a child. Victim circumstances is a person who has no hope and has nothing to lose, so they fall victim to crimes and things that can get them in trouble. Because the street kid was made this way by the streets, not by their own selves, you must understand that this is not who they really are.

Ice-T grew up  light skinned with green eyes and the name Tracy which was not very typical for where he was from. He was an orphan, had no brothers, no mother, which caused him to fall victim to the predators. 

Marrow raises the issues of gun violence, inequality, racism, poverty, homelessness within the youth, education inequality, etc. because he first hand has experienced these problems and he wants to help any youth that might be experiencing it now. 

I think that giving kids hope and giving them something to strive for will keep them  away from the acts of violence and crime and will motivate them more to do the right thing. I think just giving them any type of education, program, sport, etc. will give them a reason to look forward to doing good.