Most people may know Ashton Kutcher as an A-list celebrity who may star in one of their favorite movies, but nobody really knows about the thing that Kutcher is most passionate about: putting an end to human sex trafficking. Kutcher works for a program called Thorn, which helps with human sex trafficking and tries to stop it. It is a program that makes technology to defend children from sexual abuse. To this day, Kutcher has done so much to help with the problem. Again, he has his organization thorn, he has been involved in FBI raids, he has rescued children from trafficking, etc.

Kutcher and his foundation created a software called spotlight- a tool that can be used by law enforcement to prioritize a case code. This device once helped locate a 15 year old girl that had been sold into sex trafficking. A case that could’ve taken years got this girl home in three days, all thanks to the spotlight software. SO far, spotlight has located thousands of trafficked people. Kutcher believes technology can be the key to saving these victims.

For more information on Kutcher’s talk, watch his speech below: