Tamara Richardson talks about three different assets that are needed to help an individual start a social movement. The first point that she brings up is that you need a team. People that you know that will follow your idea and do the most to help out with what you are trying to accomplish. Find someone who will take the time to engage even the movement no matter the circumstances. Find people who are tech savvy. Tamara’s second point is that you need access to different networks, which means you should be able to communicate your message with other communities and places around the world. Giving someone access to your movement in a different community gives not only that individual access, but gives a whole different community access.

Tamara’s third point of how to start a social movement is you need low cost participation. This idea comes into clicktivism. Its an idea that if you like a page or share a post about a movement engages people in the movement. Making your movement interactive and fun online will get people to support you. Tamara summarizes the three points at the end by saying you need people who can address the skills you need, you need access to diverse communities, and you need to make participation in the movement as simple and as fun as you can. Social movements are important because they allow people and communities to create change. If there is something that you are looking to change in the world, start a social movement.