In 1969, Phillip Zimbardo decided to do an experiment to prove the Broken Window Theory. He went about this by taking a car of good condition, and abandoning it in the Bronx, to see if people would leave it alone or steal from it. Within 10 minutes the car was already being robbed, and after 3 days there was nothing of value even left of the car. That was only part 1 of the experiment. Part 2 was the same idea; abandon a car in good condition, but this time he left it in a richer neighborhood in Palo Alto, CA. After a week nobody had even touched the car, so Zimbardo decided to experiment. He smashed up the car and made it look already destroyed. Once the car no longer looked brand new, people started to rob the car just as fast as it was robbed in the Bronx. 

ZImbardo’s experiment is trying to prove that people are the same no matter where you go, what neighborhood you live in, what you look like, etc. People only care about themselves and want what’s best for them.