Natalie Warne was always inspired by her mother growing up. She wanted to be just like her and knew that one day she wanted to make an impact. Something that always inspired her growing up was a picture of her mom at 12 years old staring into the eyes of Martin Luther King. Natalie talks about people who are Anonymous Extraordinaries, which are people who work selflessly and vigorously for what they believe in.

Natalie got involved in activism because she wanted to be like her mom. In 2012, she saw the KONY video about the invisible children, which sparked something inside of her. She decided it was time to take a stand. Growing up, Natalie was always moving around and she was bullied for being bi-racial. A turning point in her life was when she was 17, and she first saw the movie Invisible Children.

Natalie Warne made it her mission to save the child soldiers, and started a worldwide movement. Her biggest moment in her movement was when she was able to get Oprah to talk about her movement on live television. A group of people wrapped themselves around Oprah’s studio, until she let them talk for a minute. Natalie recognizes all the other people that were involved in the rescue event. Some people organized giant events, while others simply just bought pizza for the protesters because they were not able to participate.