This week in class, we discussed a topic that could become a scary reality for any person in the blink of an eye. When it comes to people experiencing homelessness, everyone’s brains automatically shoot to images of old men, sitting on the streets in rags, begging for money and food. Nobody ever really considers the fact that a child can experience homelessness too.

An epidemic that has recently been brought into the light is homelessness among youth, especially youth who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. It is already difficult enough for a child to work up the nerve to come out to their parents/guardians. Sometimes coming out results in the eviction of the child from their home, because their parents can not handle the fact of having a child that is a part of this community. Being different from other can already take a toll on your mental health, but not being supported by the ones you love most and being sent out on the streets can cause a major impact on a youths mental health. Below is an info-graphic which shows just how many LGBTQ+ youths suffer from a mental illness each year.

Substance abuse, sexual abuse, and other factors of living on the street as a vulnerable child are all contributors to mental illnesses developing after being removed from your home.